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Microblading Brickell

Are your eyebrows needing microblading? Brickell residents are lucky to have some of the top certified microblading artists in their backyard. Many of the artists also have perfected what is known as powder brows which is known as a better alternative to microblading.

Book Keonna - $350 (Westwood Lakes) | 3x Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows & a Registered Nurse

Book Adriana - $350 (SE Kendall) | 4x Certified licensed artist, Medical esthetician, PMU educator

Book Patricia- $350 (SE Kendall) | licensed esthetician and twice certified microshading artist

Book Michelle - $350 (SE Kendall) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Shanae - $650 (Wynwood) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Joanna - $750 (Wynwood) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Lisandra - $1,050 (Wynwood) | Most Highly Rated PMU Artist and Sees Clients From All Over The World

The before and afters that you will see on our webpage will mostly be powder brows done by our artists near Brickell! Microblading is what we are all about so be prepared to learn all about it. We’ve broken the page into sections so you can immediately find the information you are looking for about transforming your eyebrows.

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Microblading Brickell Costs - Understanding How it is Priced

If you noticed the pricing for microblading in Brickell, FL differs greatly, you may be curious why. This section is dedicated to teaching you all about how microblading in Brickell is priced. Microblading and powder brow sessions take around 2-3 hours and last 2-3 years. The prices for microblading typically start around $400 and can exceed $1,000. 

Most of the time, you can expect the pricing to be a direct reflection of how busy an artist is. If an artist is booked out 2-3+ weeks, that means they are in high-demand. With high demand, an artist is able to raise their prices. However, just because an artist isn’t booked doesn’t mean they should be a low-priced artist. Some artists know their worth based on their extensive experience. For instance, some artists are 7X certified. 

All artists specializing in microblading and powder brows in Brickell on our website are actually verified, trained, and certified. You may be wondering, then why would someone not charge as much as others? Keep in mind that this is a business so many artists have different business ideas. Some want to be busy non-stop. They make great money by volume. Some artists can complete 3 clients a day.

How to Find the Best Brickell Brow Studios

After you realize that brows are an affordable way to boost your confidence and shed years of aging in a matter of hours, you’ll want to find the best microblading artist in Miami Beach or even near by. There are no shortages of microblading or powder brows in Miami Beach. However, you don’t want to roll the dice with anyone claiming they can do your brows. This section is dedicated to helping you do the deep research required to ensure you are satisfied with your end-result. 

Our first recommendation is only choosing a microblading or powder brow artist that has been not only trained but certified from a leading facility. Did you know anyone can easily open a microblading studio with some licenses? This doesn’t mean that the artist was certified nor trained. However, we only choose to work with elite artists. Our artists must have attended, been trained, and certified by only one of the leading training centers in the country. This is critical because some people never even have worked on a live person! 

Now you know that the artist is certified and has been trained by a leading entity in the country. After this, past customer satisfaction is huge. Keep in mind that not all reviews are actually real reviews. Do you know how to spot fake reviews from real reviews? We do. This is what we’ve been doing for 12+ years so understand the footprints to look out for. One easy way that we can share with you is if all reviewers have only one review. That means they created the account just to leave that review. More often than not, these are fake reviews if you see them en masse. 

The last important point to consider is before and after photos. There are ways that you can determine if the artist is using someone else’s photos. First, look for any evidence of photoshop. Most artists will have their name on the photos but you can sometimes see blurry patches in a photo that can be evidence of an altered photo. There is also metadata embedded in photos where you can see where the pictures were taken! 

Next, we’ll take a look at choosing your artist!

Choosing Your Artist for Powder Brows or Microblading in Brickell

Now is time to choose your artist! Of course, pricing will play a role for most clients. Be sure to look at the pricing at what you can afford in addition to the actual work of the artists. Remember, this is a procedure that can take up to 3 hours and last 2-3 years. So even if it is a little more than you have, it may be worth it to put it on a credit card to ensure you get the artist you absolutely love!

Many clients have different types of eyebrow color, shape, volume, and skin tone. If you like an artists’ work, click on their name and you should go to their artist page! This allows you to see more of their before and afters, learn more about their studio, or them! You can also view their availability immediately by clicking book now!

Booking Your Eyebrow Session

After you have chosen the artist you want to do your brows, you can easily book them. However, some clients will have questions. In this case, we encourage you to reach out to us as our staff have actually had microblading done so can answer any questions you have! There is a $150 non-refundable deposit for the artist to block up to 3 hours of their time. This is because many clients would book and not show up, causing the artist to lose time and money. 

Brickell microblading has created countless transformations which have increased the confidence of clients.

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