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Microblading Coral Springs

Waking up to perfect brows everyday is easy with microblading. Coral Springs residents are just a short drive away from certified microblading & powder brow artists. BrowStudios.com vets all brow artists and ensures that they were trained at a top training institute, are certified, have real reviews, real before and after photos, and live calendars so you can instantly view their availability.

Book Kelly - $399 (East Ft Lauderdale)| Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Amy - $450 ( Fort Lauderdale) | 2x Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows & a Registered Nurse

Book Ana - $450 (Pompano Beach, FL) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Ashleigh - $499 (Davie) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows and Brazilian Stretch Mark Camoflauge

Book Morgan - $550 (East Ft Lauderdale)| Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Stevi- $650 (East Ft Lauderdale) | 7X Certified Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

The above transformations are primarily powder brows known as ombre brows. You can think of powder brows as the newest version of microblading. Both will last you around 2-3 years and increase your confidence to new found levels. In western Broward County, Coral Springs is a quick drive away from Fort Lauderdale & Davie which has several other certified brow artists!

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Microblading Coral Springs Costs - Learning the Pricing

Before getting into the details of the pricing, it is important to understand what microblading or powder brows in Davie consists of. It is usually a 2.5-3 hour long session with your artist. The good news is that even if you see a lower priced artist, it doesn’t mean the quality will be less. You can judge the quality by looking at their before and afters (more on that in a little bit). 

If you are specifically looking for microblading in Davie, FL then you will want to book Ashleigh for microblading. Davie, FL is her actual location with prices starting at $450.00. However, there are also several other certified artists that are just a 30 minutes drive away. Some other artists that are a reasonable drive away can charge as low as $350.00 with top-tier artists charging in excess of $700.00. But keep in mind that higher pricing doesn’t mean better results. We’ve seen clients prefer lower priced artists because they truly like their style more!

How to Find the Best Eyebrow Studios in Coral Springs

To find the best eyebrow studio in Coral Springs, you’ll want to make sure they offer both microblading and powder brows. Also, just because someone opened an eyebrow studio, it doesn’t mean that they were trained and passed their training to become certified. Because your brows will last 2-3 years, you want to make sure your artist is constantly doing fantastic work. You can tell by the transformations our artists create, they are the best quality you will find. 

For that reason, make sure the artist is certified from one of the top training centers in the country. We do this for you, so if you find an artist on our site they have passed our rigorous screening process!

Another important point is looking at the reviews of the artist. Not the actual studio. Just because a studio is modern and brand-new, doesn’t mean the artists will be the best. You’ll want to pay close attention to the reviews of the actual artists taht will be doing your brows. Ensure that the people who left the artist reviews have more than one historical review. If a bunch of people left one review, it could be a fake account which indicates the reviews were purchased.

Benefits of Microblading or Powder Brows in Coral Springs

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Learning about the benefits of getting powder brows or microblading. 

Without question, the very first benefit is how good you’ll feel about yourself. The increase of confidence is the #1 reason why many people are getting microblading. It has the largest bang for the buck in terms of improving your appearance. 

Also consider the amount of time that will be saved by not having to do your eyebrows each time you wake up in the morning and then when you go out again in the evening. Your eyebrows will always be done, perfectly! 

Many people who love going to the pool, beach, or do cardio love the fact that their eyebrows will never smudge or smear.

How to Book Your Eyebrow Session

To book the artist you like, simply click the pink book now link to the right of the artist name that you like. This will open up their live calendar so you can check their availability. If you have questions prior to booking, we encourage you to give us a call. To book an artist, a $150 non-refundable deposit is typically required for the artist as they will be clearing up to 3 hours for your microblading or powder brows in Coral Springs session.

If you have questions you can give us a call and be happy knowing the person who picks up the phone has had her eyebrows microbladed! Our customer service representatives have had microblading and will be happy to help any questions that you may have.

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