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Have you concluded that you want the absolutely best microblading? Fort Lauderdale eyebrow microblading studios that are featured on have the distinction of actually being trained by a certifying school as well as passing their training to become certified. 

Book Kelly - $399 (East Ft Lauderdale)| Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Amy - $450 ( Fort Lauderdale) | 2x Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows & a Registered Nurse

Book Ana - $450 (Pompano Beach, FL) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Ashleigh - $499 (Davie) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows and Brazilian Stretch Mark Camoflauge

Book Karol - $535 (Miramar) | 6x Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Morgan - $550 (East Ft Lauderdale)| Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Book Stevi- $650 (East Ft Lauderdale) | 7X Certified Master Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Over a million people per month are searching for microblading throughout this country. The reason is simple. No one can turn back the hands of time. It is inevitable for our eyebrows to start thinning and losing their shape. Having eyebrows that you are satisfied with will surely increase your confidence levels.

Microblading and other brow techniques allow your eyebrows to appear more voluminous or create that ideal shape that you have always dreamed of. Because microblading lasts 1-3 years, you’ll want to find an artist that does fantastic work. Even if you are on a budget, finding a certified microblading artist in Fort Lauderdale, FL couldn’t be easier with BrowStudios. Several studios that we work with have different tiers of technicians! The last thing you’d want to do is trust your eyebrows to a non-certified microblading studio in Fort Lauderdale!

In addition to microblading, many seek powder brows. In Fort Lauderdale, the most popular type of permanent powder eyebrows is known as Ombre Brows. Rather than thin strokes mimicking natural hair, a small machine will place extremely thin dots which mimic shading and a soft-shaded brow look.

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Microblading Fort Lauderdale Costs - Understanding Pricing

Microblading Fort Lauderdale costs will largely be determined by the artist you select. Each artist typically sets their pricing based on experience, availability, and how long they think it will take for them to complete your session. It is important to note that most clientele are more concerned with the before and afters of the artists then the price. After all, this is semi-permanent makeup that will last 1 to 3 years so be sure you select an artist you truly like!

With the above in mind, we know that money still matters. The lowest pricing you can typically expect from a certified microblading or powder brow artist in Fort Lauderdale is around $400.00. It is not uncommon for high demand artists to charge in excess of $1,000.00 for their work. There is also pricing in between those levels as well. If you are curious what separates the $1,000 artist from the $400 artists it is typically availability. If someone is booked out 2 months, then that means their work is so good they can successfully request higher rates. This means less people will book and their schedule will not be booked out 2 months. 

Each artist always has their own style independent of pricing. You might like an artist’s work that costs less than another artist and that is normal. All artists featured that you will find on Brow Studios in Fort Lauderdale, FL are certified and have passed rigorous training. It is important to note that it is standard for artists to require a deposit as they block multiple hours off their schedule when you book a session.

How to Find the Best Fort Lauderdale Brow Bar

Now that you know the pricing of microblading in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll want to find the best brow studio. Fort Lauderdale residents are almost lucky in this regard because this city is trendy and there are several artists that offer microblading and powder brows. Because this is a semi-permanent procedure, finding the best brow bar is critical. We’ll show you how we do it and give you some great tips.

Ensuring that the brow studio has 5-star reviews is very important. Our team always looks for at least a 4.5/5 stars to be considered as a featured artist on Further, our team takes it a step further and looks for footprints of fake reviews. Our credibility would be tarnished if we just accepted any artist with fake reviews that didn’t do exceptional work. 

Next, is confirming with the training center that the artist has successfully attended and passed the curriculum. There are not many high-quality training centers as some see this industry as a cash grab. Our team knows the serious training centers and ensures that artists featured on our website are professionally trained. The last thing you want to do is have a non-certified eyebrow artist “learning on you”. This is the value that provides.

Choosing Your Artist - Microblading Fort Lauderdale Before & Afters

Fort Lauderdale residents seeking microblading or powder brows can see the before and afters below. This will allow you to determine what type of results others have achieved by getting their eyebrows done. Keep in mind that each procedure is unique and each client will have certain requests. Just like when you schedule your procedure, prior to the artist beginning they will ask you if you have any styles you like. 

Some clients like more voluminous eyebrows while other clients like thicker eyebrows, while some like thinner eyebrows. The choice is yours but you can also leave it up to the expert artists to provide you with a design that fits your facial profile perfectly. Below are some real before and afters from our Fort Lauderdale microblading artists:

Booking Your Eyebrow Session

Ready to make a change and improve your appearance? Getting scheduled with a artist of your choice couldn’t be easier. Even if you need help finding an affordable certified microblading studio in Fort Lauderdale, we can assist you. Simply give us a call with the artist you like and we’ll get you booked on their schedule! Please remember that all artists require a credit card on file to hold as they are blocking up to 3 hours of their schedule off for appointment. We look forward to helping you get your microblading in Fort Lauderdale scheduled today!

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