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Microblading Miami Gardens

Want to truly transform your appearance with microblading? Miami Gardens residents have plenty of options nearby. Microblading was the first iteration of semi-permanent eyebrows. The latest and greatest is powder brows. Miami Gardens transformations below will showcase the look you can expect when finding an eyebrow studio. Love what you see and ready to get started? Click the book now to instantly see the artist’s schedule!

Book Karol - $535 (Miramar) | 6x Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

At, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the highest quality artists. Every single one of the artists that you see featured have been verified to not only attend but certified from a leading training institute. There are less than a handful of elite training institutes and the transformations featured on our website showcase this. 

For anyone living in Miami Gardens, FL you are in luck. You are only a 30 minute drive from some of the best artists in the country. Miami, FL is home to many elite eyebrow microblading and powder brow artists because of the demand. Whether you are looking for a low price or the absolute best microblading artist in Miami Gardens, has you covered.

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Microblading Miami Gardens Costs - How Does Pricing Work?

Many of our visitors are usually curious about the costs associated with microblading. Miami Gardens has several artists nearby that charge as low as $350! Some artists are so busy that they charge in excess of $1,000! However, this is the exception as most artists will charge around $500-$600. Keep in mind that this procedure can last anywhere from 2 to 3 years so the cost is low when you factor in how long it lasts! 

Different artists have different levels of training, expertise, and availability. Pricing boils down to those factors. Pricing is usually not directly reflective of an artist’s work. For instance, you may like the work of an artist that charges $350 more than an artist that charged $900. The best thing to do is to not even look at the pricing and see whose work you enjoy the most. This brow transformation will last 2-3 years so paying a little more should be of little worry.

How to Find the Miami Gardens Brow Studios

Finding the best Miami Gardens brow studios boils down to a few different factors. First and foremost is ensuring the artists at the brow studio have proper training. That is why we focus on the artists and not the studios. Some studios will have entry-level artists that have limited experience. Our goal is to only showcase artists who pass our rigorous screening. The following tips only apply if you find an artist outside of our website. 

The first way to find the best microblading in Miami Gardens is to ensure the artist is certified by a leading training institute. Did you know there are only a handful of extremely reputable training facilities? All of our artists were personally trained by one of the top artists in the entire country at their institute. Quality is the name of our game. So be sure your artist underwent training and is certified. 

After this, there is more to ensuring the artist does great work aside from making sure they attended and were certified. You’ll need to research to ensure their reviews are real. Did you know you can purchase reviews? There are some easy ways to spot fake reviews. We’ll give you one tip. Look at the history of the bulk of reviews. Have a majority of the reviews only left one review? If so, this is a red-flag and known as a fake review footprint. You wouldn’t want to trust your appearance to someone doing this kind of shady stuff.  

Lastly, you’ll likely base your decision to move forward with your transformation based on before and after photos. How do you know if they are authentic? Take the necessary steps to ensure the photos were not taken from another artist in a different location. There are a couple of different ways you can do this. However, we cannot release these methods as competitors would take our verification method. One thing is for sure, all artists found on have authentic before and after photos!

Book Karol - $535 (Miramar) | 6x Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Benefits of Microblading in Miami Gardens

There are several benefits of microblading. Miami Gardens residents will enjoy the following advantages:

Saving Time – Whenever you go on a date or head out, you won’t have to take the time necessary on an almost daily basis to perfect your eyebrows. We all know that sometimes we are just running late and saving time in anyway necessary can be a huge advantage. 

Natural Looking – Unlike other cosmetic procedures which may look extremely fake, several artists specialize in restoring the volume of your eyebrows that you once had. However, if you prefer a more dramatic look, some artists specialize in that look as well. One thing is for sure, the artists are trained and certified to work with your facial shape to ensure the best outcome for your microblading in Miami Gardens. 

Eliminate Smearing – Say goodbye to your eyebrows smearing. If you work out and constantly smear or smudge, you can say goodbye to that. 

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Booking Your Eyebrow Studio in Miami Gardens

Booking could never be easier. Simply click book now on the artist that you like, view their schedule, and enter in your information. Have a question or two? Give us a call? Our staff has had their eyebrows microbladed so can answer any questions that you may have. 

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