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Microblading Miami Lakes

Wake up everyday with makeup when you get microblading. Miami Lakes residents are finding their certified artist on to ensure the highest-quality results possible. With our website, you’ll be able to find our artists that are local to you, compare their pricing, and even see their availability instantaneously online. Take a look at some of our artists and their work below:

Book Karol - $535 (Miramar) | 6x Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Microblading in Miami Lakes is when an artist utilizes thin strokes to replicate the look of eyebrows. This can help add volume, add shape, or improve shape. However, there is a new kid on the block that is known as powder brows or ombre brows. Miami Lakes, FL is growing day by day and whenever a certified artist opens a brow studio, we’ll be sure to add them if they pass our rigorous screening process.

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Microblading Miami Lakes Costs - Easy to Understand Pricing

Microblading & powder bros in Miami Lakes costs will vary depending on the artist that you choose. Different artists charge different amounts of money. Also, some people would rather drive 30 minutes further to save a couple hundred dollars. Some of those choices are specific to you! However, we’re happy to give an average range of the prices of microblading. 

The lowest priced artists that are certified and passed our screening starts at just $350. In fact, we have a few artists that charge $350! However, some will be located closer to you than others. So be sure you check their city which is near their name prior to booking! On the higher end, you can see prices in excess of $750! Pricing is set by the individual artist and is typically based on availability, experience, style, and reviews. 

It is not uncommon for clients to actually like the style of an artist that is $350 compared to a more expensive artist. So don’t think that just because the price is less you are getting a lesser service. The transformation pictures should be the determining factor as you’ll likely choose the artist that you like the most based on that alone.

How to Find the Best Eyebrow Studio in Miami Lakes, FL

If you are seeking out the best eyebrow studio in Miami Lakes, consider the fact that the artist is what is the most important aspect of the studio. The studio is just where you’ll be sitting, like the roof over your head. The actual artist is who will be performing the microblading. Miami Lakes eyebrow studios typically rent out chairs so artists come and go. Rolling the dice and walking into an eyebrow studio and not knowing who will do your brows is a risk in our opinion.

Our team took everything a step further and requested specific before and afters from the individual artist so you know that the best artist in an eyebrow studio isn’t showcasing their work for the entire studio. In other words, what if the best artist before and after photos is what you love but you end up getting a brand new artist? How would you know you got the classic bait and switch? Our entire existence is to prevent this from happening.

Book Karol - $535 (Miramar) | 6x Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

All of our artists have undergone rigorous training. They have even been certified. Not just by anyone. From being intertwined in this industry we know who are the best training centers in the country. We only allow artists who have passed from one of the three leading brow training centers. 

Finding real reviews of the artist is also important. On Google, some people can easily purchase reviews. There are some obvious red flags when this happens so we’ll share one of them with you. Most real reviewers have left more than one review. So if you see a slew of reviews all with 1- review in their history (the artist being the first review), you can assume that those reviews may not be real. 

Benefits of Microblading or Powder Brows in Miami Lakes

Curious about the benefits associated with microblading or powder brows in Miami Lakes? There are several! 

The main benefit without questions is the increased amount of confidence you’ll have. Just take a peek at our before and afters and you’ll quickly realize that our clients simply glow. They ooze with confidence because they know their brows are now perfect. 

Long lasting results. Did you know that the microblading or powder brows in Miami Lakes will last 2-3 years? Say goodbye to worrying about doing your brows which brings us to our next benefit. 

Next, consider the amount of time you will save. You’ll no longer need to take the time necessary every single morning to do your brows. They’ll be perfect for years to come! 

Going to the pool, beach, or getting sweaty at the gym? Stop worrying about smearing or smudging.

Booking Your Eyebrow Session

Getting started with your transformation couldn’t be easier. Simply click the book now button next to the artist that you want to choose and select the time that works for you and continue the booking process. Have questions? Give us a call! Our staff members have had microblading so they are able to answer any questions that you may have about microblading in Miami Lakes, FL.

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