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Perfecting your look has never been easier with microblading. Savannah artists that are found on BrowStudios.com have been verified to have attended training and become certified. To be featured on our site, not any certification will do. Artists must prove they attended one of the top training institutes in the country. Further, they must have significant experience with many 5-star reviews. Our team must also approve their work. Below are some of the transformations with microblading and powder brows. Savannah residents and their transformations are below:

Book Mildred - $600 (Gordonston) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Imagine how you’d look with an amazing set of brows. You’ll notice that these brows are symmetrical and appear natural. This is the benefit of choosing ombre powder brows. Savannah may have tons of microblading artists but the latest and greatest form of microblading is ombre brows. Prior to BrowStudios.com, many Savannah, GA residents would have to drive all the way to downtown Atlanta to get their powder brows. Booking your artist has never been easier either, simply click the pink book now button to instantly check your artists availability.

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Microblading Savannah Costs - How is Pricing Determined?

There is usually a large discrepancy between microblading pricing in Savannah. This pricing can differ according to artist experience, artist salon location, artist marketing expenses, and lastly how busy the artist is. For instance a brand new artist that has no before and after pictures might charge just $300 while a certified artist with amazing before and after pictures might charge $500. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have some world renowned instructors who will charge over $1,000 because they are the actual teachers at certified training facilities. 

One great tip that we like to offer our visitors is to try and ignore the price if there are several artists in your area or nearby. This is because you should choose the artist that has the exact style that you like. Keep in mind that prior to your session, you and your artist will work on an outline to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the shape of your new brows. A $100 or $200 difference for something that will last 2 to 3 years shouldn’t be a determining factor in who you choose. However, we also understand that money is important but we just want all clients to be 100% satisfied with their decision.

What are the Benefits of Microblading & Ombre Powder Brows in Savannah

Now that you know the pricing and if microblading or ombre brows in Savannah are affordable, you now likely want to know what are the benefits. Of course the most obvious benefit is the transformation. This equates to a new level of confidence that will allow you to feel so much better about yourself. You’ll notice the artists we feature are perfectionists. Giving you perfect symmetry and a natural looking set of brows will satisfy you greatly.

Book Mildred - $450 (Gordonston) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

The next benefit would be the amount of time you save. Even driving to the store for an eyebrow pencil won’t need to be done for 2-3 years. Then factor in the amount of time that you spend actually doing your eyebrows in the morning and in the evening prior to going out. 

You might be wondering how long does it last? There is a range we like to give because each person will have a different level of oil on their skin, skin tone, sun exposure, sweat, and more. However, on average, you can expect your brows to last 2-3 years.

Finding The Best Eyebrow Studio in Savannah, GA

You now know the costs of powder brows and microblading as well as the benefits. Now you might be thinking, how do I find the best eyebrow studio in Savannah? Allow us to give you a tip. You always want to find an individual artist that works at the studio, not just the studio. Eyebrow studios in Savannah can have a high turnover rate. Once an artist is getting 5-star reviews, are very busy, they typically open their own operation. 

So that brow studio that has amazing reviews by that one amazing artist has now left, the studio might find another entry level artist. If you book thinking you’ll get the same results you might end up ultimately disappointed. This is why we created BrowStudios.com because it is very easy to find a studio and get an inexperienced artists that isn’t even certified. 

To be on BrowStudios.com artists must be certified from a leading training center. There are only 3 that we trust to provide students with amazing training to yield amazing results. Nearly all of our artists have near flawless 5-star ratings. So they aren’t fresh out of training, the training is what allows them to have received nearly flawless ratings. If an artist has under a 4.5 star rating, they do not qualify to be listed on our site. Our team also looks for fake reviews and artists are disqualified if fake reviews are found.

Getting Your Powder Brows or Microblading Session Booked

After viewing the artist’s pricing, choosing your certified artist with verified before and after pictures has never been easier. Simply click the pink book now button and view the artists schedule. Then follow the prompts and you are scheduled! 

Let us know if you have any questions about microblading. Savannah residents can give us a call as our staff has also had their brows done!

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