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At our number one mission is to assist you in finding ombre powder brow artists that are certified in microblading. Illinois is a huge state with high demand for microblading. Beware. You don’t want to trust anyone with a website and a microblading pen. You’ll want to find an artist trained in the latest methods that has ample experience. This is exactly what we do at We simply vet artists to make sure they showcase signs of being a top 5% artist. 

Microblading in Illinois will last far longer for you compared to someone who lives in California. This is because extensive sun exposure will reduce how long the microblading or powder brow lasts. Because of the winters in Illinois, you should gain more months of longevity. Of course, Chicago is the most popular city in Illinois for clients requesting microblading. Did you know that ombre powder brows are quickly taking over as the most requested service? The before and afters that you’ll notice are most powder brows!

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