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Welcome to who can help you in finding and comparing artists that are certified in microblading. North Carolina has several artists that offer microblading but you’ll want to make sure the artist that you use is trained in the art of symmetry. Having symmetrical eyebrows are critical. Take a look at some of the transformations performed by our certified artists in North Carolina to see how beautiful their new set of brows look! 

This isn’t tinting. Microblading and ombre brows in North Carolina can last 2-3 years. Unlike hot states like Florida where people are getting sun all year, your brows will not be subjected to the same type of sun exposure. Sun exposure is proven to reduce the length of time that the results last. In addition to long-lasting brows from our certified artists, you’ll be happy to learn all of them are experienced! To be featured on our website, artists must have over 4.5 reviews ensuring that only certified artists who have extremely satisfied clientele are showcased. 

If you want to start your search, we welcome you to click on your city below! We’re constantly adding new artists so if you do not see your city listed, give us a call and we’ll see if some artists are waiting in our queue to be added!

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