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Microblading in Frisco TX

Searching for certified artists that offer ombre powder brows or microblading in Frisco TX has never been easier. With you just aren’t going to see any ol’ artist. These artists are trained in the art of symmetry, volume, all while keeping a natural appearance. Not any artist can just pick up a microblading pen and get amazing results. That is why artists featured on must be certified by a top school or have extensive experience with positive reviews.

Most of the transformations above are done with ombre powder brows. Chicago artists typically can do both types. From a popularity standpoint as well as benefits, many see powder brows as superior to microblading. From a natural appearing standpoint, most prefer powder brows and those that prefer a more dramatic look can achieve that with microblading. Just take a look at some of the before and afters above from real Frisco, TX artists –  so you can see exactly what you can expect from your local artist.

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Microblading Frisco Costs - Different Artists Have Different Prices

Prior to getting your brows done, your first thought might be what are the costs associated with microblading? Frisco Texas has many artists so prices will vary widely. The goal of this section is to highlight the difference between different artists. 

Currently, our lowest priced certified artist has prices starting at $450. It is important to understand that some certified artists are charging in excess of $800 with the highest prices we’ve ever seen in the $1,000+ range. So getting an amazing eyebrow studio in Frisco, TX to do your brows for $450 from a certified artist is certainly welcome! Keep in mind that your brows will last 2-3 years as well, so when you consider the longevity of microblading, it is quite the deal!

The session typically can last up to 3 hours long. Artists must pay for commercial real estate, marketing expenses, business overhead expenses, taxes, and more. Once you factor in these expenses and the fact it takes 3 hours, it is easy to see how some artists can charge $450 to $800 on average. Rather than focus on pricing, our recommendation is to focus on actual utility.

How to Find the Best Brow Studio in Frisco, TX

Finding the best brow studio in Frisco, TX is as easy as choosing an artist on That is because any artist or studio can appear on Google with a good marketing team. However, our team manually speaks with each and every artist to ensure they are a good fit to be a featured premier artist on For instance, artists must be certified and have been trained by a top artist to be featured. So if you find an artist outside of our website, ask where they were trained and certified. Then do research to ensure that it was a top training institute.

Another great tip that we can offer you is to be very diligent in terms of reviewing their reviews. Some artists will have 40+ reviews but if you dig into the history you might notice that many of them are from accounts without any history. This indicates the reviews may have been purchased. You certainly want to make sure that when choosing an artist to do your brows that they are genuinely the best around. That is exactly what we not only set out do but have also accomplished.

What are the Benefits of Microblading & Ombre Powder Brows in Frisco, TX

Wanting to know the main benefits of microblading? Frisco artists can transform your brows in as little as 2-3 hours. That means you do not have to wait an entire day to have the brows of your dreams. A good portion of that time is consulting and mapping out your brows prior to the session! 

The clearest benefit is the boost of confidence that all clients receive from getting their brows done. Many have reported an increase in both personal and professional relationships from the new found confidence boost of having a perfect set of brows that look natural. Many currently request ombre powder brows in Frisco, TX for this reason! Powder brows are known to look a bit more natural. 

Have you thought about how much time you can save? If your brows take just 5 minutes every morning and you go out a couple times a week in the evening, at the end of the yaer you are spending more than 40 hours per year on your brows! Multiply this by 2-3 years and it is over one hundred hours! However, all small benefits aside, most clients enjoy how the artists are trained in symmetry which equates to a beautiful set of brows that are extremely hard to replicate even with a brow pencil.

Choosing Your Artist - How to Get Started

To proceed with your microblading or powder brows, simply click the pink book now button of the artist that you like. You’ll be able to review their calendar live, booking has never been easier. You’ll see the policies of the artist so you can make sure that you qualify for the procedure. For instance, it is not recommended to proceed if you are pregnant. 

Have some questions about powder brows or microblading in Frisco TX? We love helping. Give us a call so one of our account managers can help answer any questions you have as they have had microblading themselves!

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