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Microblading Milwaukee

Creating a new you is just a few hours away with microblading. Milwaukee residents now have the opportunity to choose from certified artists who are thoroughly vetted by BrowStudios.com. Our motto is quality over quantity. Anyone can pick up a microblading pen and freehand a set of brows. This is where you may not be totally satisfied with the outcome. Our artists are trained with symmetry in mind and to perfect your natural look. Don’t take our word for it, look at the ombre brows Milwaukee transformations below:

Book Rebecca - $650 (Milwaukee) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

We mention Milwaukee, WI because these transformations are from actual artists in Milwaukee. These aren’t some fantastic before and afters from a different artist in a different location. The goal at BrowStudios.com is to showcase each artists’ transformations, their prices, and their availability. You can instantly check the artist’s availability then book by clicking book now! While microblading started the craze, powder brows in Milwaukee are actually more requested! Most of the before and afters you see above were done with ombre brows.

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Microblading Milwaukee Costs - Different Artists. Different Pricing

After seeing the transformations above, you likely want to know if this is something that can be afforded or not. Microblading costs in Milwaukee vary but can generally start at around $400 with some artists charging in excess of $1,000. The microblading pricing is usually determined by the actual artists and will be influenced by factors such as the cost of the rent, marketing expenses, experience of the artist, materials, etc

Something important to consider is the artist’s training. While anyone can pick up a microblading pen, you’ll want to have someone who was trained on symmetry. While this point seems minimal, the overall look of your brows being symmetrical is of critical importance. Some artists that charge less outside of BrowStudios.com might free hand your brows. All artists found on BrowStudios.com are certified and passed rigorous training by one of the top 3 training institutes.

How to Find the Best Brow Studio in Milwaukee, WI

You likely want to choose the best eyebrow studio in Milwaukee. However, the brow studio won’t be the one who physically gives you the brows of your dreams. It is the artist! So while finding the best brow studio is important, finding the best artist is even more important. This is why our entire website is focused on showcasing each artist, their work, their pricing, and their availability. You know exactly who you are booking and their actual results. 

If you seek out someone who does microblading eyebrows in Milwaukee, WI and you find them outside of BrowStudios.com, the first thing you should do is ensure that they are certified by a leading training institute. There are only 3 that we know of which offer extremely high-quality intensive training. This is critically important because anyone with a microblading pen can “do microblading”. But you likely want an amazing transformation, not subpar.

Book Rebecca - $650 (Milwaukee) | Certified PMU Artist Specializing in Ombré Powder Brows

Also as part of our vetting process we take a look to make sure that the artist has real reviews. There are some footprints that allow you to tell when someone has fake reviews. We’ll share one with you incase you want to find someone outside of BrowStudios.com! Look at the # of reviews the reviewers have left. If every single one has one a single review in their history that is usually indicative of a fake review. Most people who leave reviews often leave reviews everywhere!

What are the Benefits of Microblading or Ombre Powder Brows in Milwaukee

There are so many benefits associated with ombre powder brows and even microblading. Milwaukee residents will be happy to learn about them all! 

The first main benefit is likely the reason why everyone wants a perfect set of brows. That boost of confidence that you get is almost second to none. Eyebrows are comparable to a perfect smile and some argue even more important. This is because you can smile without your teeth but you can’t talk to someone without them seeing your eyebrows! Clients have mentioned that their boost of confidence has helped them professionally and in personal relationships! 

The next benefit is that this is not eyebrow tinting that lasts just 30 days. These ombre powder brows in Milwaukee can last longer than areas like Florida. This is because less exposure to the sun helps keep your brows looking great for 2-3 years on average. Although results will vary! 

The last benefit would have to be the fact that you do not need to worry about your eyebrows smearing or smudging. Your brows will stay perfect despite you swimming in a pool, exercising, going for a run, etc.

How to Start Your Brow Transformation

Starting your brow transformation is simple. After you find the artist you like, simply click the book now button. This will instantly load the artist’s calendar. Enter your information and prepare to pay a $150 deposit. This shows you are serious enough for the artist to block up to 3 hours of time off of their schedule for you. 

Still have questions? No problem at all! Give us a call and one of our friendly staff members will answer any questions you may have. They have even received microblading so they are a perfect person to answer any questions that you have about your microblading in Milwaukee!

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