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At our goal is to assist you in finding some of the highest quality microblading artists. As microblading becomes more and more popular, more people are realizing that it is an opportunity to cash in and create a good paying job for themselves. However, we want our visitors to have the best of best and not just any microblading artist in Georgia. 

For this reason, our team does extensive vetting of the artists that we bring onto our platform. First, we ensure that the artist was not only certified but also attended one of the top training centers in the country. Anyone can purchase a microblading pen, but if they give you a non-symmetrical set of brow, your brows just “won’t look right”. 

Take a look at some of the before and afters, many of these transformations were done with powder brows a.k.a – ombre brows. Georgia residents can choose from artists based on their real results. Feel free to select your city below to see which artists are in your area as well as viewing their work!

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